F29 Self Contained Change: Update comps to use Python 3

= Proposed self contained change =
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* Owner:

Change the comps groups python-classroom, engineering-and-scientific,
development-libs, cloud-management, font-design, mysql,
robotics-suite, authoring-and-publishing and electronic-lab to use
python3 packages instead of the python2 ones. Remove python-web group.

== Detailed Description ==
As the whole distro moves towards Python 3 as "the default" and with
the upstream EOL of Python 2 set to 2020-01-01, we want to update
comps to use Python 3 packages instead of Python 2 ones.

Here is the list as of 2017-07-09, note that it might slightly change
as long as changes in comps are done prior to this change happening.

=== python-classroom ===
Remove all python2 packages (except python2-virtualenv as long as it
brings the virtualenv command).

=== python-web ===
Remove this group. It has weird stuff and the motivation for it is long lost.

=== engineering-and-scientific ===
Replace python2-matplotlib, python2-scipy, python2-biopython,
python2-cvxopt, python2-networkx, python2-theano with python3

=== development-libs ===
Replace python-devel with python3-devel. Remove python-ldap and
python-ZODB3 (they have python3 ready variants, but so does plenty of
others, we don't see a point of those being in the group).

=== cloud-management ===
Replace python-boto with python3-boto; python-libcloud with
python3-libcloud; python-openstackclient with python3-openstackclient.

=== font-design ===
Replace python-fontMath with python3-fontMath. Remove retired
python-compositor, python-robofab, python-ufo2fdk.

=== mysql ===
Replace python-mysql with python3-mysql.

=== robotics-suite ===
Replace python-bloom, python-catkin_lint, python-catkin_pkg,
python-catkin_tools, python-rosdep, python-rosdistro,
python-rosinstall, python-rosinstall_generator, python-rospkg,
python-vcstools and python-wstool with their python3- counterparts.

=== authoring-and-publishing ===
Replace python-docutils with python3-docutils and python-manuel with

=== electronic-lab ===
Replace python-myhdl with python3-myhdl.

=== Not changed: ansible-node ===
ansible-node will '''stay python2 based''' as explained in

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners:
Submit a PR to [ fedora-comps] with the
described changes.

* Other developers: N/A (not a System Wide Change)

* Release engineering: [ #7622] (no
impact with Release Engineering)

* Policies and guidelines: N/A (not a System Wide Change)

* Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)