F9 chkfontpath replacement?


I see that in F9 chkfontpath is gone. Is there a recommend way to
perform a similar function?

In some font rpms I'm maintaining, putting fonts in some specific
directories, I used to call chkfontpath with a local font dir
in %post.



Re: F9 chkfontpath replacement?

By Hans Ulrich Nie... at 09/06/2008 - 10:01

I got a bug pointing to this while we were preparing for F-8:

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Re: F9 chkfontpath replacement?

By Jos Vos at 09/07/2008 - 18:55

I already found out that there were symlinks in /etc/X11/fontpath.d,
but I don't get them (a set of Type1 fonts) working. That is, I don't
see them in "fc-list" nor in applications like

Besides creating the symlink, I did "mkfontdir" and "mkfontscale".

Any suggestions?

Re: F9 chkfontpath replacement?

By Nicolas Mailhot at 09/08/2008 - 05:23

Le Lun 8 septembre 2008 00:55, Jos Vos a écrit :

XFS, mkfontdir, and mkfontscale are totally unecessary for modern apps
that use fontconfig and fc-list.

If you want to package fonts for use in anything remotely current,
please follow our font packaging guidelines

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