FAmSCo elections are cancelled due to wrong setup of Voting machine

Ambassadors and members of Fedora community,

unfortunately I have to cancel the Elections to FAmSCo due to a
mistake made in configuration of Voting machine. Today (Friday)
morning I received an email reporting issue where people who are not
members of "ambassadors" group in FAS can not vote. Quick check of the
Voting machine setup shows there is a misconfiguration of the FAmSCo
setup causing this issue.

As this issue is a violation of
<a href="" title=""></a> policy
saying that "Any person in the Fedora Account System who has completed
the Contributor License Agreement and is member of at least one other
group - including, but not limited to the group of ambassadors - is
eligible to vote in the FAmSCo elections.", I need to cancel the
current Voting to FAmSCo and run it again.

I would like to ask Ambassadors and members of Fedora community to
vote once more starting on Tuesday 2017-Aug-15 00:00:00 UTC. The new
voting period will stop on 2017-Aug-21 at 23:59:00 UTC. The setup of
the Voting machine for the new voting period is currently in progress.
I will send an announcement at the beginning of the new voting period
to inform people the voting has started.

I am really sorry for this issue and I hope the result of the FAmSCo
elections will not be affected by this issue.

Currently running elections to Council and FESCo are not affected by this issue.