Fedora 15 ARM hardfp Virtual FAD (Fedora Activity Day) - TODAY


We are hosting another one of our regular Fedora 15 hardfp Virtual
Fedora Activity Day today Friday July 15th, at 14:00UTC (10:00 Eastern
Daylight Time). The purpose of this session is to co-ordinate the
bootstrap of F15 hardfp (hardware floating point).

Last week, we succeeded in reaching a point where we had yum running
natively, and after that rapidly went from just under 100 native binary
RPMs built to 793 right now! We still do not have all of the
dependencies for mock, but we hope to be there soon. We need your help,
if you have the time, hardware, and interest in doing so. Together, we
can reach a point of running mock, then rebuild all of the packages we
have so far natively within a mock, and ultimately have a Koji buildroot
sufficient to officially rebuild everything within the standard Fedora
ARM Koji infrastructure.

You can find a lot more detail here about the stages involved in bringup
(we are at stage 3), along with all the pre-reqs/bits:

<a href="" title=""></a>

For general bootstrapping series information:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Be sure you follow the instructions to use an armv7hl-YOUR_FAS_USERNAME
or group name branch on the Fedora ARM git repo so that we can track who
is doing what, and more easily back out changes if you/we discover a
problem with your setup.



Re: Fedora 15 ARM hardfp Virtual FAD (Fedora Activi

By Jon Masters at 07/15/2011 - 03:23

Please note that this has been updated since last week. It now includes
all of the information you need for "stage3" (current). Further, there
is an additional wiki page linked from there with a list of packages
that need building. The Etherpad we were using is currently down - don't
use that, use the wiki pages instead please.