Fedora 30 Self-Contained Change Proposal: Erlang 21

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= Erlang 21 =

== Summary ==
Update Erlang/OTP to version 21.

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Peter|Peter Lemenkov]], [[SIGs/Erlang|Fedora Erlang
SIG]], [[User:bowlofeggs|Randy Barlow]], [[User:jcline|Jeremy Cline]]
* Email: <a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a>, <a href="mailto: ... at lists dot"> ... at lists dot</a>,
<a href="mailto: ... at fedoraproject dot org"> ... at fedoraproject dot org</a>, <a href="mailto: ... at fedoraproject dot org"> ... at fedoraproject dot org</a>

== User Experience ==
Users will get more robust, scalable, and fast Erlang applications.

== Dependencies ==

The following packages must be rebuilt:
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== Contingency Plan ==
* Contingency mechanism: None necessary. Instead of falling back to
the previous version we should fix existing packages in order to help
the Community. We should also monitor upstream development process for
potentially discovered issues and proactively apply patches (as we
already did with [[Features/Erlang_R14|Erlang R14]],
[[Features/Erlang_R15|Erlang R15]], [[Features/Erlang_R16|Erlang
R16]], [[Changes/BetterErlangSupport|Erlang 17]]),
[[Changes/Erlang_18|Erlang 18]], [[Changes/Erlang_19|Erlang 19]], and
[[Changes/Erlang_20|Erlang 20]]. It should be noted that this change
consists from an independent or loosely coupled smaller changes. If we
fail to deliver some changes in time, we should reschedule these exact
changes to the future Fedora release while keeping already implemented
* Contingency deadline: N/A
* Blocks release? N/A
* Blocks product? N/A

== Documentation ==
* [ Erlang/OTP 21.0 release notes]
* [ Erlang/OTP 21.1 release notes]