Fedora 31 System-Wide Change proposal: IBus 1.5.21

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== Summary ==
IBus 1.5.21 will extend the current compose typing.
# IBus will extend the compose key sequences less than 255 characters.
# IBus will extend the compose outputs more equal than one characters.

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Fujiwara| Takao Fujiwara]]
* Email: fujiwara [at] redhat [dot] com

== Detailed Description ==
The current IBus accepts the compose key sequences less than 7
characters due to the internal fixed buffer size, E.g. Multi_key-O-R
are three characters and the sequence can output "®" but
Multi_key-Multi_key-o-i-i-i-n-t are eight characters and the sequence
is not enabled in IBus. This release will extend this limitation to
255 characters.

The current IBus outputs one compose character only and size is
limited in 16bits. E.g. "®" is one character and it can be output and