Fedora 32: Deprecating WEXT


We're considering removing support for Wireless Extensions from
NetworkManager in Fedora 32 time frame.

A more modern Wi-Fi configuration API, cfg802111/nl80211, has been
available since 2007 and maybe there's no point in carrying the
maintenance burden anymore. It seems reasonable to assume that all
relevant and actively maintained wireless drivers have been ported.

If anyone sees good a reason not to carry out the removal, please speak

Thank you


Re: Fedora 32: Deprecating WEXT

By Peter Robinson at 08/13/2019 - 10:39

Is there a way to see which upstream wireless drivers don't support
cfg802111/nl80211 by grepping an include or similar? There's a few
tools in Fedora that still use the userspace side of things for wext.
Overall I would like see it removed :)

Re: Fedora 32: Deprecating WEXT

By Hans de Goede at 08/13/2019 - 10:52


On 13-08-19 17:39, Peter Robinson wrote:
That is my question to, specifically I'm worried about the RealTek
drivers under drivers/staging. E.g. the rtl8723bs driver is used in
a lot of hardware.

I believe those drivers support cfg802111/nl80211, but it would be
good to verify. Can you perhaps provide a scratch-build of NM with
this already disabled? That might be the best way to test, the proof
is in the pudding after all.