Fedora and Free Science meetup at Flock


Science, like Free/Open Source software should be open for all to use,
modify, explore, learn, and share. This is especially important to
ensure that the results from scientific work are not merely limited to
"academia", but are easily understandable by people in other walks of
life also. Further, science should not be limited to "academia".
Everyone should have access to the data, the tools, the knowledge.

With this in mind, we started the NeuroFedora SIG that focusses on
Neuroscience (mostly because my field is neuroscience):

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However, there's a lot of work that can be done to enable all scientific
fields, not just neuroscience. So, we're hoping to meet at Flock to
discuss how we can better use Fedora's resources to enable Free Science.

We've applied for a hackathon at the minute. If we're unable to get a
slot, we'll meet informally over beers ;)

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The session is open to everyone, of course, and we'd love for more
people to join in. There's a lot of science to be learned, and there's a
lot of FOSS to be learned too, so we need people from both sides!

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