Fedora c++ default build flags

during a discussion with upstream (MongoDB) they asked me about default
Fedora C/C++ build flags. And I don't remember all Fedora System Wide
changes where it was introduced,... so is there some place where it's

Main upstream question was:
I don't know what is in those various hardening scripts, so hard to say
what they do. I am somewhat interested in whether you think we should
be applying these flags for our hardened builds. Do you have some
guidance on the runtime costs?


I'm also curious about why you are applying -fexceptions and
-fasynchronous-unwind-tables. The first seems unnecessary for a C++
project, and the second seems potentially interesting, if you have some
context on why it is applied.

So some link or explanation in this thread (which I can link to
upstream) would be really helpful.


(link to upstream issue - <a href="" title=""></a>)


Re: Fedora c++ default build flags

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