Fedora Data Engineering SIG: interested in a Fedora SIG to work on this?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there are people who are working on data engineering is
interested in working on a SIG focusing on DE.

Currently my idea on this SIG would be:
1 - packaging data engineering related softwares into Fedora, and make them
easy to install, covering from workflow tools (eg: airflow, luigi), data
processing engines (eg: apache spark, flink), visualization tools
(superset, redash) and make life easier for that. I'm not sure how much
these tools can fit into fedora packaging guidelines (lots of bundled jars,
and users expects upstream binaries, esp on engines such as spark/flink),
which is something to brainstorm on.
2 - ambassador related activities around promoting fedora as a platform for
data engineers to use.

If interested, i'm on this telegram group:
<a href="" title=""></a>