Flock 2019 - 8-11 August - Budapest, Hungary

= Flock 2019 - 8-11 August - Budapest, Hungary

The annual Fedora contributors conference, Flock, will be in Budapest,
Hungary from 8-11 August. Event details, including hotel and visa
letters, are all on the website[1].

== Program/CfP

The call for submissions for talks and workshops is now open. For
Flock 2019, we are accepting proposals as issues in the Flock
repository[2]. We are doing this so you can solicit feedback on your
proposal, look for collaborators, figure out who you need in the room,
and who will be there. To submit, please open a public issue in this
repository and **select the "Flock CfP" template**. Then follow these

1. Fill out the issue answering the questions.
2. Leave the issue public.
3. Solicit and consider feedback. Don't assume people will just come
to this repo - actively solicit feedback!
If you want to make changes, just edit the initial comment.
That is what the CfP committee will read.
4. Submissions will be considered in rounds.
Submissions not selected in one round continue to the next one.
Therefore you can keep on iterating :)
1. Round 1 selection starts on: 1 June 2019
2. Round 2 selection starts on: 15 June 2019
3. Final selection starts on: 1 July 2019

== Registration

Registration is open and completed via Eventbrite[3]. The registration
this year will again include a small voluntary fee to offset swag and
setup costs per attendee. The fee for USA attendees is $25. This fee
has been scaled via the Big Mac Index to other countries and
geographic areas. This means the fee in each country should roughly be
the same level of spending, rather than the exact equivalent in local
currency. That makes it easier for people in each area to register.

The registration system will, again, also allow you to contribute some
extra money toward funding travel for those who need it. This means
anyone can contribute to make it easier for someone else to attend.

== How can I help?

We publicly plan Flock using the a Fedora Taiga board[4]. Please visit
their and grab a card to help!

== Can I get funding to go to Flock?

Yes, please apply using the Funding Request Form[5]

== Ongoing Communication

There is a Freenode IRC channel, **#fedora-flock** for real time
communication about Flock. We will be bridging this to a Telegram
channel[6] for those who choose to use this client for easier mobile

There is also an attendee mailing list[7] and a planning mailing
list[8]. You can reach the staff at <a href="mailto:flock- ... at fedoraproject dot org">flock- ... at fedoraproject dot org</a>

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