Flock Update - ~1 month away

An Update on Flock

* New Sponsor

Some of you may have noticed that the ARM Foundation is now a Gold Sponsor
for Flock.

* Tickets and T-shirts

My tardiness at getting t-shirts ordered is to your BENEFIT. The tickets
that have t-shirts associated with them have been extended until tomorrow,
12 July. Get your order in now if you want to be assured of getting a

Tickets that don't guarantee a t-shirt or lunch, will be available until 8

* Transportation Details

Transportation Information has been added to the website as provided by
Amit Shah. Thank you!

* Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms are still available. If you need help finding a roommate,
email the list and let me know.

* Funding

All Flock funding is now issued/allocated. The last plane tickets are
being worked on. Everyone who is funded should know by now and should have
all of their details confirmed or in progress.

This year we have funded almost 40 people fully or partially. This has
resulted in, amongst other things over 25 flights and 20 hotel rooms
needing to be managed on top of other conference organizational needs.

* Schedule and CfP

The draft schedule is being worked and the CfP round 2 answers should be
out soon.

* Questions

Direct them to the list or me.

See you at Flock!