Fonts packaging policy rewrite proposal


A fonts packaging policy rewrite proposal has been pushed to FPC today:
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It should be clearer, more opinionated, and take into account:
– updates of The OpenType standard
– variable fonts
– web fonts
– upstream depreciation of non OpenType formats: final stages of the
Harfbuzz consolidation decided at the 2006 Text Layout summit
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– appstream & fonts
– weak dependencies
– and probably more I forget here

It is based on the new fonts-rpm-macros project for automation:

This project builds on tooling enhancements in redhat-rpm-config and
rpm itself, done during the past two years for the Forge and Go sets of
packaging macros. It started 2 years ago as a fork of fontpackages,
which is the core of our current fonts packaging guidelines.

It will require putting the fonts-srpm-macros package in the default
build root, like is done for other domain-specific packaging macro

Major additions:
– better documentation (clearer and more complete)
– better automation (less packager hassle for better and more complete

Major removals:
– tools and scripts
– fixing metadata with ttname

Mostly because no one seems willing to maintain those scripts, or port
ttname to python 3.

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showcases the new policy on 62 real-world source packages. Some of
those are badly delayed updates to Fedora packages, others are brand-new packages ready for Fedora inclusion. They include major font packages such as Stix, DejaVu, Droid, IBM Plex.

Existing Fedora packages will continue to build, the old fontpackages
macros are grandfathered in fonts-rpm-macros for now. They will be
removed in a few years to give packagers time to apply the new