FYI: OCaml 4.08.0 in Fedora Rawhide

We've rebuilt some of the OCaml packages in Fedora Rawhide (31)
against OCaml 4.08.0.

It's expected that some packages will have broken dependencies. This
is because they depend on ocaml-camlp4, the old, deprecated macro
package, which has not been ported to 4.08. If camlp4 gets ported in
the near future we'll be able to recompile these packages and I'm not
expecting any problems with that.

However if it turns out that camlp4 cannot / will not be ported then
we'll have to deal with the broken packages on a case-by-case basis.
There are several possibilities:

(1) If they can use camlp5 instead, move to using that. However this
is not usually a simple change since camlp4/camlp5 have diverged quite
substantially over years.

(2) If they depend on camlp4 but only for some optional feature (or
even if the dependency was added by accident) then turn off that
dependency and compile the package without the feature.

(3) If they depend on camlp4 in some fundamental way then they will
have to be retired.