FYI results of the OCaml 4.08 beta 3 rebuild

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I'm rebuilding OCaml 4.08.0 beta 3 into a side tag. This is a
preliminary rebuild only - I'll do the real rebuild when 4.08.0 is
finally released. This email has interim results.

* ocaml-camlp4, ocaml-camlp5 (macro packages)

Still waiting for these to be ported to 4.08. I had a go at porting
camlp4 but the changes were beyond my skills, so we'll have to wait
for someone that knows what they're doing. Unfortunately lack of
these packages blocks about a third of the other packages.

* ocaml-zarith (integer arithmetic library)

Fails to build the final zq binary. I'm not sure this is related to
the compiler upgrade at all, could be an unrelated FTBFS.

* ocaml-camomile (Unicode)
* ocaml-benchmark (timing & benchmarking)

Both of these enable warn-error for deprecated code, and fail because
the new compiler emits more deprecation warnings (which turn into
errors). I will have a go and see if I can remove the warn-error for
both these packages later.