Heads-up: openQA scheduling outage over last 2 days

Hey folks! Just to let folks know that the openQA job scheduling robot
(for the production instance) had a bad day and needed to go lie down
for a bit, so it didn't schedule any tests for any new composes or
critpath updates that appeared from about Oct 07 17:08:42 UTC until
about Oct 09 15:00:00 (about 20 minutes ago). Thanks to Christian
Heimes for alerting me to this. I just gave it a mug of tea and a
headache pill and some sympathetic conversation and it's back in top
form and scheduling tests again; it's scheduled all the things it
missed and the test system is catching up with the backlog, so results
will start appearing for updates and composes that were missed soon.
Sorry for any inconvenience.