Heads up: Retiring the Obnam stack and gnumed-server

Hi all,

With Python 2 slated to be removed, I'm going to retire these packages
where upstream has either stopped development (Obnam's dependencies) or
is moving too slow to get a stable Python 3-based release out
(gnumed-server). Also, I've been helping out with gnumed (the client)
but never officially maintained it, and that package is already retired
in Rawhide due to being orphaned - so there's no reason to keep the
server around.

List of packages as follows, I'll hold off until Friday before retiring
them if someone wants to take over these packages and get them built. If
you take over gnumed-server you should take over gnumed and unretire it too.


Obnam stack:
- cmdtest
- genbackupdata
- python-cliapp
- python-coverage-test-runner
- python-larch
- python-tracing
- python-ttystatus
- summain