Help Needed: Fedora FOSDEM Booth

Hello everyone,

FOSDEM[0], the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community in Europe, is less than a month away. The conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on February 2 & 3. As every year, EMEA Ambassadors organize the booth at FOSDEM, where many developers, contributors and students visit it to discuss with us or get some swag.

This is an open call especially for Fedora developers and technical contributors, to participate in our booth at FOSDEM. One of your main tasks would be to assist people and represent Fedora from a technical point of view. Our theme is about extending the Fedora Project by developing new solutions, packaging, helping users get installed, and troubleshoot any errors that they may have. We are looking for experienced packagers and developers who have extensive knowledge on packaging, rpm, Gnome, or in general have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of Fedora, willing to help users and answer technical questions. We want to focus on helping users be successful with Fedora, and not try to be a general helpdesk for all technologies as most of them have their own communities present. We are also welcoming new contributors who didn’t get the chance to come in the previous years. While we prefer contributors from EMEA to allow us to use our budget to bring the most contributors, we make our decision based on fit for our goals at the conference first and money second.

There is also some budget in place and we can provide travel and lodging funding to some developers and technical contributors in order to attend and assist at the booth. Sponsored contributors are expected to work for 8 hours at the booth during the two days of the conference. We will try to accommodate your needs, but we need to keep the booth fully staffed so we will be building the schedule for you. If you would like to request funding, open a funding request at the EMEA funding request tracker[1], explaining why you are asking for funding, why you should get it and how you are going to contribute to the booth. We will start reviewing requests on January 8, so submit early to get selected.


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[1] <a href="" title=""></a>