How to bootstrap a set of packages?


I'd like to bootstrap all Golang packages to be able to detect whatever cyclic
dependencies we have introduced over the years.
Basically what I need is to be able to build from the base rawhide (or Koji
latest) without any preexisting Go package, and slowly build the packages
iteratively, starting from a clean slate.
How can I achieve this? Is there a way to blacklist a set of packages from a
repo? There's the "custom" target in COPR but it has nothing available at all
and I don't know how to start from scratch.

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Re: How to bootstrap a set of packages?

By Nicolas Mailhot at 04/14/2019 - 15:09

Le dimanche 14 avril 2019 à 19:52 +0200, Robert-André Mauchin a écrit :
What will work is:
1. a local mock,

2. with an
directive on the rawhide repo

3. and a local repo of build results

4. and a script that copies mock build results to this repo and
craterepo_c's it

Rawhide x86_64 is good enoufh to detect cycles, you do not need to
rebuild every single bit of it.

Alternatively, EL7 used to be in such a sad state for golang, that
doing anything with it pretty much required a full bootstrap. But I
haven't published by latest rebuild of go-rpm-macros for EL7. Il will
do that soon, if nothing else eats my time