How to fix dnf segmentation fault (zchunk metadata is re-enabled)

FESCo has given us the go-ahead to turn zchunk metadata on again[1] for
the F30 fedora repository after the librepo segmentation fault bug[2]
was fixed. An updated librepo[3] was built a week ago and was pushed
to stable five days ago, so most beta users should have the new

If you're using F30 and have librepo-1.9.6-1.fc30, please update to
librepo-1.9.6-2.fc30 as soon as possible! If you don't, you will once
again get a segmentation fault when running dnf.

If you find yourself getting a segmentation fault when running dnf on a
system with librepo-1.9.6-1.fc30, you can temporarily work around it by
doing the following:

1. Edit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf and add the following line:


2. Run:
dnf update librepo

Verify that you got librepo-1.9.6-2.fc30 or later in the update

3. Remove the 'zchunk=False' line you added to /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

4. Run:
dnf update

At this point, dnf should download the repository metadata without any
segmentation faults, and any further repository metadata downloads
should be significantly smaller.


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