How should we handle gnupg v1.4.X as gpg1?

The time for change is finally, almost here :) Upstream is talking about
installing the v1.4 series as gpg1. They have already switched the
default install of 2.2 to /usr/bin/gpg, but we currently override this
with the --enable-gpg-is-gpg2 switch in gnupg2.

Tracker bug here - <a href="" title=""></a>
Discussion - <a href="" title=""></a>

When this happens I plan on tracking upstream's change and installing as
gpg1, but I'm pretty sure we need a plan so that things don't end up all

I'm not sure of all the corners where we use gpg so we need to track
those down and make a list of things that need changing. In some cases
using gpg 2.2.x will be fine, but I'm sure there will continue to be
cases where gpg1 is needed.

This would be for rawhide only of course, any updates to previous
releases would continue to use /usr/bin/gpg