hp-plugin doesn't work in hplip-3.17.9 - move to 3.17.10 if you need

Not so much luck, as a sufficiently good process mostly being
followed ['The more a well designed process is followed and
tweaked with improvements, the more lucky one becomes' ;) ]

The post partially quoted above points up another benefit from
the virtue of 'packaging everything' as discussed in the
recent 'packaging ruby dependencies' thread. When an upstream
'goes wonky' for whatever reason (there was a similar example
in the Node.js ecosystem where a maintainer took down a minor
but critical dependency, and 'broke world'), one can 'fall
back' to the last SRPMS (and other VCS backups as well), and

Without packaged sources, and the discipline of sub-dependency
determination and solution, and the 'four freedoms' checking
goodness of a formal 'licenses review', and the additional set
of eyes cross-checking work, one loses so much

-- Russ herrold


Re: hp-plugin doesn't work in hplip-3.17.9 - move to 3.17.10 if

By Zdenek Dohnal at 10/26/2017 - 08:25

On 10/26/2017 01:50 PM, R P Herrold wrote:

Re: hp-plugin doesn't work in hplip-3.17.9 - move to 3.17.10 if

By Kevin Kofler at 10/26/2017 - 21:04

Zdenek Dohnal wrote:
Another sad thing is that there is still a lot of code in the plugin blob
that does not really need to be. The JBIG patents expired years ago, but all
the algorithms depending on JBIG are still hidden in the plugin. There seems
to be no move from HP on open-sourcing any of the algorithms in the plugin,
no matter what made them end up in there in the first place. Some of those
codecs (IIRC, most or all of the printing ones, but not many of the scanning
ones) have third-party reverse-engineered drivers available, but they are
not integrated in the HPLIP infrastructure. I also get the feeling that more
and more of the current models need the plugin.

This is really sad, because HPLIP was originally a genuine contribution to
Free Software (a high-quality manufacturer driver actually released as pure
Free Software, the plugin did not even exist in the initial versions), but
unfortunately, it is degenerating more and more into a freewashing tool for
proprietary driver blobs. The codec algorithms that use the plugin are
entirely implemented inside the plugin (not just the patented parts), the
"Free driver" HPLIP is just a dispatching wrapper around the blob for those

Kevin Kofler