Intent to drop python2-SecretStorage and python2-keyring in a week


We are planning to update python-SecretStorage to a version that does
not support python2 [0][1].

Whoever needs python2-SecretStorage can add it as a separate package,
the spec is ready at [2].

Nobody from the current maintainers of dependent packages responded to a
request of maintainership (some said they don't need it).

python2-SecretStorage is needed by python-keyring and transitively for:

* supernova
* python-keystoneclient
* python-msrestazure
* python-oauth2client

I decided I won't package python2-SecretStorage just to orphan it
immediately. If somebody needs it, please get it in.

As I understand it, python-keyring maintainer will drop python2-keyring
as well.

This will break dependencies, hence we are announcing it a week in advance.

[0] <a href="" title=""></a>
[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>