Interest in doing Fedora CI with test subpackages

Hey all-
I was starting to setup CI for one of my packages in Fedora (cscope),
which requires that I have access to the sources to run my test (cscope uses its
own source tree to search for various symbols to confirm that its working
properly). Getting the sources in the CI environment is a bit of a pain, so I
started working on trying to do this by creating a test subpackage (specifically
named -citest) to package up the sources solely for the purpose of getting them
installed and available during CI runs. It occured to me that this offers
several advantages, among them:
1) the ability to codify dependencies within the ame spec file, rather than
having to copy them to the test.yml file, and keep them in sync

2) The ability to use a file format (rpm spec files) that I'm more familiar with

3) Easy access to tests that are embedded in the source tree

4) minimizing the test harness setup in test.yml

For anyone interested, I've got a pull request started here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If anyone wants to take a look at the changes I had to make to do this (fair
warning, its still very rough).

That all said, I was wondering if perhaps there was general interest in making
this kind of test model somewhat more formal (i.e. creating an rpm macro library
to make test package generation a bit easier, creating a standard entry point to
run tests, etc).

Thoughts welcome