IPv6 for fedora services?

Is there any IPv6 plan for * ?

One plan that projects (including wikimedia) have chosen is a staged

1) enable IPv6 reachability and AAAA records for DNS servers
2) enable IPv6 for small-audience or developer-only services, such as
cvs/svn/git services
3) enable IPv6 for primary services, such as public web

Such staged rollouts attempt to balance the potential for service
disruption due to end-user misconfiguration, with pushing technological
progress foward.

As of today, for months, the DNS root servers are reachable via IPv6 and
have AAAA records.

Any chance we could look at step #1 or #2 for Fedora?



Re: IPv6 for fedora services?

By Dennis Gilmore at 08/16/2009 - 12:37

While this is the completely wrong list to ask something like this on. fedora-
infrastructre list is the correct place. there is currently no plans to roll
out IPv6 our upstream providers do no provide IPv6 connectivity. we could look
at using SIXXS or someone like it for ipv6 tunnels. but as of right now its
not being actively worked on. We do need to look into it at some point
however. some mirrors are available via ipv6 . it would be nice to have
mirror lists available via it. some services i know dont support ipv6.


Re: IPv6 for fedora services?

By Jeff Garzik at 08/17/2009 - 08:15

My apologies. I have just subscribed to this list, and will re-send my
query there.

It seemed to me that there was some relevance to fedora-devel, as we
would need to get the IPv6-enabled technology in place, before the
Fedora sysadmins can deploy it.



Re: IPv6 for fedora services?

By Gianluca Varisco at 08/16/2009 - 11:56


Wouldn't be more appropriated to discuss that on fedora-infrastructure
ML instead of fedora-devel?