langpacks (Re: F30 System-Wide Change proposal: Replace Comps Language Group With Langpacks)

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It is really shame that instead just setting up
/etc/rpm/macros::%_install_langs on distro install time people are
discussing how to waste time to create even more langpacks.
The same is with separating doc subpackages which can be done by
/etc/rpm/macros::%_excludedocs yes or use --excludedocs on single package

If those functionalities are not used why not to remove code handling that
from rpm and remove using %doc tags?

Instead implementing handle more class files like it has IPS with facets
[1] seems like most of the Fedora packagers want to waste to the end of the
word more and more time on create even more subpckages classes to fulfil
demands of installed resources customisation.
In time when most of the people using computers are trying to automate as
much as possible Fedora for some reasons chose to go in completely opposite
Again .. shame, really shame.

Funny (and scary) is that anaconda provides function to choose exact
languages support when system is installed but nothing is added to
/etc/rpm/macros to really make this choice real.
%find_lang macro takes care of tagging some files using %lang() macros but
nothing in the rest of the Fedora is going to use those tags.
Maybe it would be better to abandon use %find_lang?
Why no one is taking care to convert more and more man pages in source
trees (like I've done it more than decade ago in shadow-utils) to embed
proper maintenance platform to keep up-to-date exact package man pages to
other languages and still most of those man pages are desync state (in
refer to original eng versions) and still maintaining man-pages-<lang>
packages which usually installs many man pages which are for some packages
not installed in system image?
IMO all man-pages-<lang> packages should disappear from distribution.
%find_lang used --with-man option takes care of collecting all language
specific man pages as well, and more than 100 Fedora package are using this
option .. but again nothing during fresh Fedora install is using those tags.

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