Major rewrite of project

I would like to ask you a question. If upstream of your package does major
rewrite of it, then what is the proper process to rebase such package? I'm
maintainer of cheat [0] which has been rewritten in go. I suppose i need a
new package review but then if the new spec passes review am i supposed to
replace the spec of old package entirely or preserve changelog and add new
entry with description of what happened + link to the review?
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Re: Major rewrite of project

By Fabio Valentini at 12/02/2019 - 06:08

Hi Tomas,

You don't need to go through package review again, since it's not a new
package. So just update it to the new version, and keep the old changelog.

However, if you want feedback on the new packaging before pushing it to
fedora, you could publish the .spec file and submit the new version to a
COPR repo first, so users can look at it, test it, and give you comments. I
do it like this for my packages when they have major changes.

It would be another matter if the new version is installable alongside the
old version, then you could package both of them separately, but I guess
that's not the case here.


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