mass-removal of LANG=anything-not-C.UTF-8 in packages

Dear maintainers,

I'm working again on implementing
<a href="" title=""></a>.
The first step is to replace LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 with LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
(and similarly for LANG=, LC_CTYPE=, etc.) in all spec files. This
will be backwards and forwards compatible, in the sense that packages
that use C.UTF-8 should build OK on older and newer Fedoras.

Once that's done, I'll file the PRs to actually replace glibc-langpacks-all
with glibc-minimal-langpacks in mock and koji.

I'll do a mass update to use C.UTF-8 for the packages in the list that
follows, next week. I'll do test builds locally, and I'll only push to
dist-git if the local builds succeed. Let me know if you want your
package to be excluded.


Maintainers by package:
OpenTK orphan
apache-poi gil lef mbooth
ardour5 nphilipp tartina
bash-completion mrunge ooprala sheltren svashisht
borgbackup bpereto fschwarz
clover2 mtasaka
elixir codeblock fnux martinlanghoff puiterwijk s4504kr
fail2ban athimm atkac jgu orion
fantasdic mtasaka
felix-osgi-core jcapik mizdebsk
fmf psss
gfan jjames pcpa tremble
ghc petersen
git amahdal besser82 chrisw pcahyna pstodulk skisela tmz
hibernate3 gil lef
hive coolsvap moceap orphan pmackinn
hunspell-az caolanm
hunspell-fa caolanm
hunspell-ga caolanm
hunspell-gv caolanm
hunspell-ky caolanm
ibus-typing-booster anishpatil mfabian
ipython churchyard cstratak dcantrel ignatenkobrain lbalhar mrunge salimma tomspur
jblas zbyszek
kgb-bot averi
langtable mfabian
lazygal rathann
libmp4v2 amigadave moezroy rathann sergiomb thias
libraqm moceap
migemo mtasaka
# migemo is special, I'll just add BR:glibc-langpack-ja
mongodb hhorak jpacner maxamillion mskalick panovotn strobert tdawson
openqa adamwill
paraview deji orion sagitter
passenger jkaluza kanarip tdawson
php-horde-Horde-Imap-Client remi
php-horde-Horde-JavascriptMinify remi
php-horde-Horde-Util remi
php-kdyby-events orphan
php-kdyby-strict-objects orphan
php-latte orphan
php-nette-application orphan
php-nette-bootstrap orphan
php-nette-caching orphan
php-nette-component-model orphan
php-nette-database orphan
php-nette-deprecated orphan
php-nette-di orphan
php-nette-finder orphan
php-nette-forms orphan
php-nette-http orphan
php-nette-mail orphan
php-nette-neon orphan
php-nette-php-generator orphan
php-nette-reflection orphan
php-nette-robot-loader orphan
php-nette-safe-stream orphan
php-nette-security orphan
php-nette-tester orphan
php-nette-tokenizer orphan
php-nette-utils orphan
php-phpspec remi siwinski
php-tracy orphan
pyp2rpm bkabrda cstratak ishcherb kevin mcyprian rkuska
python-CommonMark jujens
python-acoustid terjeros
python-blessed abompard aviso
python-click cstratak fab mstuchli rkuska
python-deprecation jpena
python-django bkabrda churchyard jdornak mrunge salimma sgallagh
python-djangoql vkrizan
python-evic besser82
python-execnet ktdreyer thm
python-ipython_genutils orion
python-mapnik tomh
python-mtg tc01
python-musicbrainzngs amluto
python-pankoclient pkilambi
python-path laxathom
python-pexpect amcnabb fabiand ignatenkobrain radez tomspur
python-pypandoc orion zbyszek
python-pytest-pep8 cstratak orion
python-pythonz-bd mcyprian orphan
python-seesaw tc01
python-setproctitle hguemar stevetraylen
python-setuptools_git apevec
python-sphinx-autodoc-typehints tdecacqu
python-sphinx-intl jujens
python-spur orion
python-tables tnorth zbyszek
python-vcstools cottsay rmattes
python-webassets dcallagh kumarpraveen pjp sundaram
python-whitenoise piotrp
python2-django1.11 pviktori
python2-ipython lbalhar
rubygem-gettext mtasaka sseago
rubygem-http_parser.rb ilgrad spredzy
rubygem-nokogiri kanarip mtasaka tdawson tremble
rubygem-org-ruby vondruch
rubygem-ruby-openid orphan
udiskie jstanek
varnish ingvar luhliarik
xorg-x11-drv-intel ajax glisse

Packages by maintainer:
abompard python-blessed
adamwill openqa
ajax xorg-x11-drv-intel
amahdal git
amcnabb python-pexpect
amigadave libmp4v2
amluto python-musicbrainzngs
anishpatil ibus-typing-booster
apevec python-setuptools_git
athimm fail2ban
atkac fail2ban
averi kgb-bot
aviso python-blessed
besser82 git python-evic
bkabrda pyp2rpm python-django
bpereto borgbackup
caolanm hunspell-az hunspell-fa hunspell-ga hunspell-gv hunspell-ky
chrisw git
churchyard ipython python-django
codeblock elixir
coolsvap hive
cottsay python-vcstools
cstratak ipython pyp2rpm python-click python-pytest-pep8
dcallagh python-webassets
dcantrel ipython
deji paraview
fab python-click
fabiand python-pexpect
fnux elixir
fschwarz borgbackup
gil apache-poi hibernate3
glisse xorg-x11-drv-intel
hguemar python-setproctitle
hhorak mongodb
ignatenkobrain ipython python-pexpect
ilgrad rubygem-http_parser.rb
ingvar varnish
ishcherb pyp2rpm
jcapik felix-osgi-core
jdornak python-django
jgu fail2ban
jjames gfan
jkaluza passenger
jpacner mongodb
jpena python-deprecation
jstanek udiskie
jujens python-CommonMark python-sphinx-intl
kanarip passenger rubygem-nokogiri
kevin pyp2rpm
ktdreyer python-execnet
kumarpraveen python-webassets
laxathom python-path
lbalhar ipython python2-ipython
lef apache-poi hibernate3
luhliarik varnish
martinlanghoff elixir
maxamillion mongodb
mbooth apache-poi
mcyprian pyp2rpm python-pythonz-bd
mfabian ibus-typing-booster langtable
mizdebsk felix-osgi-core
moceap hive libraqm
moezroy libmp4v2
mrunge bash-completion ipython python-django
mskalick mongodb
mstuchli python-click
mtasaka clover2 fantasdic migemo rubygem-gettext rubygem-nokogiri
nphilipp ardour5
ooprala bash-completion
orion fail2ban paraview python-ipython_genutils python-pypandoc python-pytest-pep8 python-spur
orphan OpenTK hive php-kdyby-events php-kdyby-strict-objects php-latte php-nette-application php-nette-bootstrap php-nette-caching php-nette-component-model php-nette-database php-nette-deprecated php-nette-di php-nette-finder php-nette-forms php-nette-http php-nette-mail php-nette-neon php-nette-php-generator php-nette-reflection php-nette-robot-loader php-nette-safe-stream php-nette-security php-nette-tester php-nette-tokenizer php-nette-utils php-tracy python-pythonz-bd rubygem-ruby-openid
panovotn mongodb
pcahyna git
pcpa gfan
petersen ghc
piotrp python-whitenoise
pjp python-webassets
pkilambi python-pankoclient
pmackinn hive
psss fmf
pstodulk git
puiterwijk elixir
pviktori python2-django1.11
radez python-pexpect
rathann lazygal libmp4v2
remi php-horde-Horde-Imap-Client php-horde-Horde-JavascriptMinify php-horde-Horde-Util php-phpspec
rkuska pyp2rpm python-click
rmattes python-vcstools
s4504kr elixir
sagitter paraview
salimma ipython python-django
sergiomb libmp4v2
sgallagh python-django
sheltren bash-completion
siwinski php-phpspec
skisela git
spredzy rubygem-http_parser.rb
sseago rubygem-gettext
stevetraylen python-setproctitle
strobert mongodb
sundaram python-webassets
svashisht bash-completion
tartina ardour5
tc01 python-mtg python-seesaw
tdawson mongodb passenger rubygem-nokogiri
tdecacqu python-sphinx-autodoc-typehints
terjeros python-acoustid
thias libmp4v2
thm python-execnet
tmz git
tnorth python-tables
tomh python-mapnik
tomspur ipython python-pexpect
tremble gfan rubygem-nokogiri
vkrizan python-djangoql
vondruch rubygem-org-ruby
zbyszek jblas python-pypandoc python-tables