Meeting Minutes Nov. 12, 2019

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#fedora-meeting-3: Weekly'ish Meeting of the Modularity Team

Meeting started by langdon at 15:01:21 UTC. The full logs are available

Meeting summary
* agenda (langdon, 15:03:06)
* Agenda Item: FESCo's Ursa Prime Decision (sgallagh, 15:03:41)
* Agenda Item: upgrade path issue recap (langdon, 15:05:17)
* Agenda Item: open floor (langdon, 15:05:30)
* Agenda Item: FESCo's Ursa Prime Decision (sgallagh, 15:06:34)

* FESCo's Ursa Prime Decision (langdon, 15:07:21)
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(asamalik, 15:09:32)
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(asamalik, 15:10:11)
* ACTION: langdon to investigate better status reporting mechanism
perhaps leveraging taiga (langdon, 15:33:22)

* Upgrade Path Issue Recap (sgallagh, 15:37:56)
* Upgrade Issue 1: Installing software that comes from a module's
default stream enables that module. At upgrade, the stream remains
the same, even if the new OS release has changed the default. This
behavior means that users do not get the experience they had with
non-modular upgrades which is to follow the OS's opinionated
defaults. (sgallagh, 15:42:16)
* Upgrade Issue 2: When attempting to upgrade to a release where an
enabled module stream has been retired and removed, the upgrade
process fails with conflicts. This differs from the non-modular
behavior of simply keeping the old content until and unless it
starts to cause conflicts or else is Obsoleted. (sgallagh,
* tracking the bugs for these is not as simple as it may sound.. as a
result, look to upcoming status report that was discussed earlier
(langdon, 15:47:04)

* open floor (langdon, 15:48:07)

Meeting ended at 15:52:44 UTC.

Action Items
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