Migrating to

Good Morning Everyone,

The Fedora Infrastructure has been running a jenkins instance in its
cloud for their own needs. That instance gained some tractions in our
community to the point that some projects are relying on it.
Unfortunately, our best-effort isn't sufficient to keep this instance in
a state that makes it useful for all of its users.

The CentOS infrastructure has offered to take over this instance and its
maintenance, they have much more expertise than us with jenkins and are
already maintaining multiple instances for other needs (including the
different CI pipelines now running for Fedora).

We want to do this migration in two steps:

1/ migrate all projects from to in
such a way that there will be no work needed from any of the projects
currently using fedorainfracloud (except maybe changing the URLs we do
not have access to)

2/ work with the different projects on a case by case basis to
help them migrate to the setup that is used more commonly in with dynamic provisioning of the builder giving the
projects full access to them (ie: you will be able to install
directly all your dependencies on the builder without having to
request the infra team for it)

We are now ready for step (1): move over the fedorainfracloud instance

All projects set up in fedorainfracloud have been ported to which has been set up to mirror the instance Fedora was
running. So you will find there the same plugin, set up in the same way
as in Fedora. Similarly, you will be able to log in the centos instance
using your Fedora credentials. Historical job logs were not migrated to
the new instance, please open a ticket if previous logs are needed.

We have setup redirects to the instance. We have adjusted
the URLs pointing to fedorainfracloud in pagure. You may want to update
the URLs we do not have access to and double-check that everything is
running as expected for your projects.

In case you have any problems, you can reach us on #fedora-admin on IRC
or by opening a ticket at <a href="" title=""></a>

If you'd like to get started on step (2) on your own, the first step is
to request a project:
<a href="" title=""></a>

The CentOS CI team will walk you through the rest of the process from

Thanks for your attention and happy testing!

Brian & Pierre
- For the CentOS and Fedora Infrastructure Teams