Minimization Objective report

This is the Minimization Objective [0] update.

Status: Discovery phase

== systemd-sysusers ==

Many packages pull in Systemd because of systemd-sysusers to create new
users. This is fine in traditional setups where there already is Systemd,
but for containers, that means pulling additional 60MB just to create a new

This is being discussed. [1][2]

One way to approach this is creating a "systemd-container-stub" basically
something that says it's systemd, and might even have some functionality
(like adding users) but doesn't have the baggage of systemd.

We plan to coordinate with the Container SIG about approaching this problem
as a bigger topic of accommodating traditional-environment-oriented
packages in containers.

== Weekly meeting ==

Discussing a new approach to the weekly meeting — the agenda and when to
hold it. [3]

== How to get involved ==

See if there is anything interesting to you on action plan [42], or reach
out with something you think is useful but is missing there. Open a ticket
in the tracker [43] or discuss in #fedora-devel on IRC.


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