Minimization Team Meeting notes 2019-09-18

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#fedora-meeting-1: Minimization Team Meeting

Meeting started by asamalik at 15:01:28 UTC. The full logs are available
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Meeting summary
* === Admin === (asamalik, 15:06:05)
* To add topics to the agenda, tag an issue with the Meeting label in
the Pagure tracker (<a href="" title=""></a>)
(asamalik, 15:08:19)

* #13 systemd-sysusers versus containers (asamalik, 15:11:51)
* LINK: <a href="" title=""></a> (asamalik, 15:11:56)
* systemd-sysuser is for adding system users. It is beginning to
become more poplular in Fedora. t pulls in systemd, which can add
up to 60M to a container. (tdawson, 15:22:52)
* We have tried seperating systemd-sysuser from systemd,
unsuccessfully. (tdawson, 15:23:33)
* We are currently looking into some type of "systemd-container-stub",
that will be a substiture for systemd, as well as have the
functionality of adding system users. (tdawson, 15:24:48)
* We should talk with the containers-sig about a bigger topic of
accommodating traditional-environment-oriented packages in
containers (tdawson, 15:25:35)

* === Focus & what's next? === (asamalik, 15:26:24)
* since this objective is approved in it's first phase (the Discovery
Phase) until the end of September, asamalik will be drafting a
specific proposal for the next phase in the following two weeks, and
proposing it to the Fedora Council — ideas very welcome! (asamalik,

* === Open Floor === (asamalik, 15:33:37)
* We're thinking about changing how to approach this meeting — maybe
only have it when we have actual topics to talk about. Discuss here:
<a href="" title=""></a> (asamalik, 15:49:26)

Meeting ended at 15:50:41 UTC.

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