modularity team meeting minutes (Oct. 08, 2019)

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#fedora-meeting-3: Modularity Team Meeting

Meeting started by langdon at 15:08:18 UTC. The full logs are available
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Meeting summary

* agenda (langdon, 15:10:08)
* update on ursa prime (langdon, 15:10:16)
* update on libmodulemd (langdon, 15:11:23)

* update on ursa prime (langdon, 15:12:33)
* Ursa Prime will be deployed to production next Tuesday (sgallagh,
* Ursa Prime configuration will initially be limited to Rawhide/F32
and EPEL8[-playground] buildroots (sgallagh, 15:22:08)
* The remaining tasks to be done for Ursa Prime: 1) modify the
f32/rawhide platform.yaml record in MBS to enable this feature, 2)
set up a repo compose based on the defaults+overrides inputs, 3)
configure koji tags and targets so that the rawhide target is a
merged repo containing the modular and non-modular content (contyk,
* ACTION: contyk and sgallagh to work with nirik to finish those three
tasks. (sgallagh, 15:25:53)
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(langdon, 15:29:24)

* libmodulemd update (langdon, 15:29:33)
* LINK: <a href="" title=""></a>
(sgallagh, 15:31:20)
* ACTION: sgallagh to investigate libmodulemd 2.x migration for COPR
(sgallagh, 15:39:10)
* slow migration away from libmodulemd 1.x is resulting in increasing
maintenance burden (sgallagh, 15:39:51)

* Tagging Module Defaults into non-modular repo (sgallagh, 15:41:37)
* AGREED: We disagree with merging default streams into the main repo
as non-modular packages. Our approach is to implement a mechanism of
following default streams to give people the experience they want.
(+4 0 -0) (asamalik, 16:07:40)

Meeting ended at 16:11:58 UTC.

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