Moving on from Council Engineering role

Hello Fedora Friends,

I believe it's time for me to move on from my current role as the
Council Engineering representative. When I resigned from FESCo a bit
ago, I thought I could still fulfill this role. Unfortunately, that
turns out to not be the case. I cannot in good conscience hold a seat
on the Council and be an absentee member.

As we look to the future for Fedora, we need someone with more active
participation to be present. Fortunately, we have a large set of very
competent people that I believe can step into this role without issue.
While it is only a suggestion, I would like to nominate Petr Ĺ abata as
the new Council Engineering rep. He is more than capable of
discussing the technical implications of Modularity and the newly
proposed Objective from Paul. The decision will ultimately be up to
FESCo and the Council of course.

These are important times for Fedora and I'm excited for the future!
I will continue to participate as I can and I'm looking forward to
seeing the directions we take as a project and as a distribution. It
has been an honor to be part of the Fedora Council for the past few
years. Thank you to the community for trusting me with that role for
so long.