nodejs-clean-css needs new permanent maintainer(s)

Hello packagers,

The Stewardship SIG is currently providing only bare-minimum
maintenance for the nodejs-clean-css package, and none of our packages
depend on it. So, we're looking for someone to take better care of it,
preferably someone who actively uses nodejs-clean-css or maintains a
package that depends on it.

For reference, the following packages have a direct dependency on
nodejs-clean-css, either at build- or at install-time:

- nodejs-grunt-contrib-cssmin
- nodejs-html-minifier
- nodejs-less-plugin-clean-css
- php-Assetic

If you received this email directly, you're a (co-)maintainer of one
of these packages, and would probably be best qualified to take care
of nodejs-clean-css.

If you want to take nodejs-clean-css off our hands, fill out the
"package_adoption_request" template here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If nobody claims the package within the next two weeks, we will orphan
it again, setting it on its course towards retirement in about two

Fabio (decathorpe), for the Stewardship SIG