Orphaned Packages in rawhide (2017-06-18)

The following packages are orphaned and will be retired when they
are orphaned for six weeks, unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure
that the package should be retired, please do so now with a proper reason:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one. Please adopt the affected package or
retire your depending package to avoid broken dependencies, otherwise your
package will be retired when the affected package gets retired.

Package (co)maintainers Status Change
Pyrex orphan, alexl, caolanm, johnp, 0 weeks ago
mbarnes, rhughes, rstrode, ssp,
gtkspell orphan, alexl, caillon, 0 weeks ago
caolanm, group::gnome-sig,
johnp, mbarnes, rhughes,
rstrode, ssp, xiphmont
iwhd orphan, clalance 0 weeks ago
jbig2dec orphan, landgraf 2 weeks ago
lyra orphan, raphgro 1 weeks ago
msp430-gcc orphan, rspanton, swhiteho 6 weeks ago
nodejs-emojione orphan, fujiwara, i18n-team, 4 weeks ago
python-numeric orphan, alexl, alexlan, 0 weeks ago
caillon, caolanm, johnp,
mbarnes, rhughes, rstrode, ssp,
rarian orphan, mbarnes 0 weeks ago
rubygem-configuration orphan 2 weeks ago
rubygem-ruby-ole orphan 2 weeks ago
scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts orphan, fonts-sig, i18n-team 1 weeks ago

The following packages require above mentioned packages:
Depending on: Pyrex (20), status change: 2017-06-14 (0 weeks ago)
bitfrost (maintained by: dsd, cjb, pbrobinson)
bitfrost-1.0.19-8.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

dracut-modules-olpc (maintained by: dsd, cjb, pbrobinson, yaderv)
dracut-modules-olpc-0.7.6-8.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

librapi (maintained by: awjb)
librapi-0.15.2-12.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

librra (maintained by: awjb)
librra-0.14-15.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26
python-rra-0.14-15.fc26.i686 requires

librtfcomp (maintained by: awjb)
librtfcomp-1.1-18.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26
librtfcomp-devel-1.1-18.fc26.i686 requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

olpc-contents (maintained by: dsd, cjb, pbrobinson)
olpc-contents-2.6-12.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

pyode (maintained by: ankursinha, zultron)
pyode-1.2.0-15.fc26.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

xmms2 (maintained by: spot, thomasj)
xmms2-0.8-43.fc27.src requires Pyrex = 0.9.9-12.fc26

olpc-os-builder (maintained by: dsd, cjb, pbrobinson)
olpc-os-builder-7.0.1-6.fc26.i686 requires bitfrost = 1.0.19-8.fc26

olpc-update (maintained by: dsd, cjb, martinlanghoff, pbrobinson)
olpc-update-2.29-6.fc26.noarch requires bitfrost = 1.0.19-8.fc26

olpc-utils (maintained by: pbrobinson, cjb, dsd, johnp, martinlanghoff, sayamind)
olpc-utils-5.0.0-10.fc26.i686 requires bitfrost = 1.0.19-8.fc26

FUR (maintained by: awjb)
FUR-0.4.6-13.fc26.i686 requires

kcemirror (maintained by: awjb, rdieter, tuxbrewr)
kcemirror-0.1.5-16.fc24.i686 requires

libopensync-plugin-synce (maintained by: awjb)
libopensync-plugin-synce-0.22.1-14.fc26.i686 requires

synce-gnomevfs (maintained by: awjb)
synce-gnomevfs-0.13-13.fc26.i686 requires

synce-software-manager (maintained by: awjb)
synce-software-manager-0.9.0-26.fc26.i686 requires

synce-trayicon (maintained by: awjb)
synce-trayicon-0.15.2-0.13.20110523svn.fc26.i686 requires

gxmms2 (maintained by: spot)
gkrellxmms2-0.7.1-11.fc26.i686 requires,
gxmms2-0.7.1-11.fc26.i686 requires,

lxmusic (maintained by: cwickert, mtasaka)
lxmusic-0.4.7-2.fc26.i686 requires,, xmms2 = 0.8-43.fc27

olpc-netutils (maintained by: pbrobinson, dsd)
olpc-netutils-0.8.2-9.fc26.noarch requires olpc-utils = 5.0.0-10.fc26

Depending on: gtkspell (32), status change: 2017-06-14 (0 weeks ago)
emelfm2 (maintained by: cwickert)
emelfm2-0.9.1-7.fc26.i686 requires
emelfm2-0.9.1-7.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

geany-plugins (maintained by: dmaphy, ohaessler, pingou)
geany-plugins-1.30-2.fc27.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26
geany-plugins-geanyvc-1.30-2.fc27.i686 requires

gnome-phone-manager (maintained by: limb, hadess, mcrha, snirkel)
gnome-phone-manager-0.69-21.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

gnome-python2-extras (maintained by: walters, alexl, caillon, caolanm, group::gnome-sig, johnp, rhughes, rstrode, ssp, xiphmont)
gnome-python2-extras-2.25.3-49.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26
gnome-python2-gtkspell-2.25.3-49.fc26.i686 requires gtkspell = 2.0.16-12.fc26,

gobby (maintained by: lmacken)
gobby-0.4.13-10.fc24.i686 requires
gobby-0.4.13-10.fc24.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

gummi (maintained by: fab)
gummi-0.6.6-2.fc26.i686 requires
gummi-0.6.6-2.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

gyachi (maintained by: sundaram, ghosler)
gyachi-1.2.11-14.fc24.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26
gyachi-plugin-gtkspell-1.2.11-14.fc24.i686 requires gtkspell = 2.0.16-12.fc26,

inkscape (maintained by: limb, duffy, jgu, lkundrak, ryanlerch)
inkscape-0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

lekhonee-gnome (maintained by: kushal)
lekhonee-gnome-0.12-10.fc26.i686 requires gtkspell = 2.0.16-12.fc26,
lekhonee-gnome-0.12-10.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

logjam (maintained by: spot, andriy)
logjam-4.6.2-14.fc26.i686 requires gtkspell = 2.0.16-12.fc26,
logjam-4.6.2-14.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

ocaml-lablgtk (maintained by: rjones, amdunn, dchen, dwheeler, jtaylor)
ocaml-lablgtk-2.18.5-4.fc27.i686 requires
ocaml-lablgtk-2.18.5-4.fc27.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

pan (maintained by: adalloz, mpeters, pmkovar)
pan-0.141-3.fc27.i686 requires
pan-0.141-3.fc27.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

perl-Gtk2-Spell (maintained by: ppisar, jplesnik, perl-sig)
perl-Gtk2-Spell-1.04-16.fc27.i686 requires
perl-Gtk2-Spell-1.04-16.fc27.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26, pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0) = 2.0.16
perl-Gtk2-Spell-devel-1.04-16.fc27.i686 requires pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0) = 2.0.16

pidgin (maintained by: jsynacek, ignatenkobrain, itamarjp, jskarvad, mcrha, nosnilmot)
pidgin-2.12.0-3.fc27.i686 requires
pidgin-2.12.0-3.fc27.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26

purple-plugin_pack (maintained by: jsynacek, ivazquez, nushio)
purple-plugin_pack-2.7.0-4.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26
purple-plugin_pack-pidgin-2.7.0-4.fc26.i686 requires

smuxi (maintained by: sagitter)
smuxi-1.0.6-8.fc27.src requires pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0) = 2.0.16

sylpheed (maintained by: itamarjp, cwickert)
sylpheed-3.5.1-3.fc26.i686 requires
sylpheed-3.5.1-3.fc26.src requires gtkspell-devel = 2.0.16-12.fc26
sylpheed-libs-3.5.1-3.fc26.i686 requires

tomboy (maintained by: thm, alexl, caillon, caolanm, elsupergomez, johnp, mbarnes, rhughes, ssp, tpokorra, xiphmont)
tomboy-1.15.8-2.fc27.i686 requires gtkspell = 2.0.16-12.fc26
tomboy-1.15.8-2.fc27.src requires pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0) = 2.0.16

rednotebook (maintained by: fab, cwickert, mikedep333)
rednotebook-1.14-3.fc26.noarch requires gnome-python2-extras = 2.25.3-49.fc26

bacula-docs (maintained by: slaanesh)
bacula-docs-7.4.7-1.fc27.src requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

djvulibre (maintained by: mkasik)
djvulibre-3.5.27-2.fc26.src requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

echo-artist (maintained by: mso)
echo-artist-0.1.1-12.fc26.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

fedora-business-cards (maintained by: ianweller)
fedora-business-cards-1-0.8.beta1.fc26.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

gnome-colors-icon-theme (maintained by: churchyard)
gnome-colors-icon-theme-5.5.1-10.fc26.src requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

gnome-documents (maintained by: elad, anujmore, cosimoc, group::gnome-sig, pranvk, rishi)
gnome-documents-3.25.1-1.fc27.src requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

inkscape-psd (maintained by: moceap)
inkscape-psd-0.1.1-4.fc26.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

inkscape-sozi (maintained by: echevemaster, itamarjp, ohaessler)
inkscape-sozi-13.11-6.fc27.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

inkscape-table (maintained by: lkundrak)
inkscape-table-1.0-4.fc26.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

inksmoto (maintained by: limb)
inksmoto-0.7.0-15.fc26.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

ruby-icon-artist (maintained by: mso)
ruby-icon-artist-0.1.92-13.fc26.noarch requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

tuxanci (maintained by: lkundrak)
tuxanci-0.21.0-4.fc26.src requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

vfrnav (maintained by: sailer)
vfrnav-20160429-7.fc27.src requires inkscape = 0.92.1-4.20170510bzr15686.fc27

Too many dependencies for gtkspell, not all listed here

Depending on: jbig2dec (4), status change: 2017-05-30 (2 weeks ago)
mupdf (maintained by: mjg, landgraf)
mupdf-1.11-4.fc27.i686 requires
mupdf-1.11-4.fc27.src requires jbig2dec-devel = 0.13-4.fc27

zathura-pdf-mupdf (maintained by: psabata)
zathura-pdf-mupdf-0.3.1-1.fc27.i686 requires
zathura-pdf-mupdf-0.3.1-1.fc27.src requires jbig2dec-devel = 0.13-4.fc27

OpenLP (maintained by: trb143, mcepl)
OpenLP-2.4.6-1.fc27.noarch requires mupdf = 1.11-4.fc27

impressive (maintained by: mjg)
impressive-0.11.1-5.fc26.noarch requires mupdf = 1.11-4.fc27

Depending on: rarian (46), status change: 2017-06-14 (0 weeks ago)
alleyoop (maintained by: giallu)
alleyoop-0.9.8-7.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

balsa (maintained by: pawsa)
balsa-2.5.3-3.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

bless (maintained by: drago01, elsupergomez)
bless-0.6.0-21.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

deja-dup (maintained by: limb, csmart, jiteshs, kengert, mterry, sten)
deja-dup-34.3-2.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

dia (maintained by: huzaifas)
dia-0.97.3-6.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

ekiga (maintained by: pbrobinson, mcrha)
ekiga-4.0.1-33.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
ekiga-4.0.1-33.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

etherape (maintained by: limb)
etherape-0.9.15-1.fc27.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
etherape-0.9.15-1.fc27.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

fantasdic (maintained by: mtasaka)
fantasdic-1.0-0.16.beta7.fc27.noarch requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

florence (maintained by: kevin, cicku)
florence-0.6.3-4.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gconf-editor (maintained by: rstrode, alexl, caillon, caolanm, cosimoc, group::gnome-sig, johnp, mbarnes, rhughes, ssp, xiphmont)
gconf-editor-3.0.1-11.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

genius (maintained by: gemi)
genius-1.0.23-1.fc27.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
gnome-genius-1.0.23-1.fc27.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

glade2 (maintained by: group::gnome-sig, alexl, caillon, caolanm, johnp, mbarnes, rhughes, rstrode, ssp, xiphmont)
glade2-2.12.2-24.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

glade3 (maintained by: huzaifas, rakesh)
glade3-3.8.5-8.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gmpc (maintained by: adrian)
gmpc-11.8.16-14.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnome-commander (maintained by: mtasaka)
gnome-commander-1.6.4-1.fc27.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnome-desktop (maintained by: rstrode, alexl, caillon, caolanm, fmuellner, group::gnome-sig, hadess, johnp, mbarnes, mccann, rhughes, ssp, xiphmont)
gnome-desktop-2.32.0-18.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnome-doc-utils (maintained by: amigadave, alexl, caillon, caolanm, group::gnome-sig, johnp, mbarnes, rhughes, rstrode, ssp, xiphmont)
gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10-12.fc27.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnome-hearts (maintained by: caillon)
gnome-hearts-0.3-18.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnome-search-tool (maintained by: rtcm, group::gnome-sig)
gnome-search-tool-3.6.0-9.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

gnome-translate (maintained by: buc)
gnome-translate-0.99-28.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
gnome-translate-0.99-28.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnomebaker (maintained by: tsmetana, hadrons123)
gnomebaker-0.6.4-25.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
gnomebaker-0.6.4-25.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gnotime (maintained by: limb, ignatenkobrain)
gnotime-2.4.1-10.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
gnotime-2.4.1-10.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gobby05 (maintained by: till, kevin)
gobby05-0.5.0-8.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

gparted (maintained by: nonamedotc, deji)
gparted-0.28.1-2.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

grhino (maintained by: salimma)
grhino-0.16.1-2.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
grhino-0.16.1-2.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

gtk-v4l (maintained by: huzaifas)
gtk-v4l-0.4-12.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

ibus-xkbc (maintained by: pwu, i18n-team, phuang)
ibus-xkbc- requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

ignuit (maintained by: cwickert, fab)
ignuit-2.24.2-2.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

mail-notification (maintained by: buc, epienbro, mcrha)
mail-notification-5.4-90.git.9ae8768.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
mail-notification-5.4-90.git.9ae8768.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

mdbtools (maintained by: jwrdegoede, moezroy)
mdbtools-0.7.1-7.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

moserial (maintained by: terjeros)
moserial-3.0.11-1.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

nemo (maintained by: leigh123linux, mtwebster, raveit65, vicodan)
nemo-3.4.2-2.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

pioneers (maintained by: pfrields)
pioneers-15.3-5.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
pioneers-15.3-5.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

planner (maintained by: caolanm, alexl, caillon, group::gnome-sig, johnp, mbarnes, mcrha, rhughes, rstrode, ssp, xiphmont)
planner-0.14.6-25.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

pluma (maintained by: raveit65, vicodan)
pluma-1.19.1-1.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

qalculate-gtk (maintained by: nonamedotc, deji)
qalculate-gtk-0.9.9-3.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

quarry (maintained by: salimma)
quarry-0.2.0-20.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

sflphone (maintained by: smani, mcrha)
sflphone-1.4.1-22.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

stardict (maintained by: pravins, anishpatil, cheeselee, i18n-team, kaio, nkumar, pwu, supercyper, zhu)
stardict-3.0.6-6.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

subscription-manager (maintained by: awood, alikins, bkearney, dgoodwin)
subscription-manager-1.19.7-1.fc27.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
subscription-manager-gui-1.19.7-1.fc27.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

synaptic (maintained by: moceap, athimm)
synaptic-0.57.2-38.fc23.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4
synaptic-0.57.2-38.fc23.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

system-config-bind (maintained by: jreznik, rvokal)
system-config-bind-4.0.15-12.fc26.src requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

system-config-kdump (maintained by: mmilata, lkundrak)
system-config-kdump-2.0.16-6.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26, scrollkeeper = 0.4

system-config-users-docs (maintained by: moezroy, nphilipp)
system-config-users-docs-1.0.9-10.fc26.noarch requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26
system-config-users-docs-1.0.9-10.fc26.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

ucview (maintained by: robert, kdudka, praiskup)
ucview-0.33-11.fc26.i686 requires scrollkeeper = 0.4

xiphos (maintained by: greghellings, cicku, deji)
xiphos-4.0.5-1.fc27.src requires rarian-compat = 0.8.1-16.fc26

Too many dependencies for rarian, not all listed here

Affected (co)maintainers
adalloz: gtkspell
adrian: rarian
alexl: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
alexlan: python-numeric
alikins: rarian
amdunn: gtkspell
amigadave: rarian
andriy: gtkspell
anishpatil: rarian
ankursinha: Pyrex
anujmore: gtkspell
athimm: rarian
awjb: Pyrex
awood: rarian
bkearney: rarian
buc: rarian
caillon: python-numeric, gtkspell, rarian
caolanm: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
cheeselee: rarian
churchyard: gtkspell
cicku: rarian
cjb: Pyrex
clalance: iwhd
cosimoc: gtkspell, rarian
csmart: rarian
cwickert: rarian, gtkspell, Pyrex
dchen: gtkspell
deji: rarian
dgoodwin: rarian
dmaphy: gtkspell
drago01: rarian
dsd: Pyrex
duffy: gtkspell
dwheeler: gtkspell
echevemaster: gtkspell
elad: gtkspell
elsupergomez: gtkspell, rarian
epienbro: rarian
fab: gtkspell, rarian
fmuellner: rarian
fonts-sig: scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts
fujiwara: nodejs-emojione
gemi: rarian
ghosler: gtkspell
giallu: rarian
greghellings: rarian
group::gnome-sig: gtkspell, rarian
hadess: gtkspell, rarian
hadrons123: rarian
huzaifas: rarian
i18n-team: rarian, scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts, nodejs-emojione
ianweller: gtkspell
ignatenkobrain: gtkspell, rarian
itamarjp: gtkspell
ivazquez: gtkspell
jgu: gtkspell
jiteshs: rarian
johnp: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
jplesnik: gtkspell
jreznik: rarian
jskarvad: gtkspell
jsynacek: gtkspell
jtaylor: gtkspell
jwrdegoede: rarian
kaio: rarian
kdudka: rarian
kengert: rarian
kevin: rarian
kushal: gtkspell
landgraf: jbig2dec
leigh123linux: rarian
limb: gtkspell, rarian
lkundrak: gtkspell, rarian
lmacken: gtkspell
martinlanghoff: Pyrex
mbarnes: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
mccann: rarian
mcepl: jbig2dec
mcrha: gtkspell, rarian
mfabian: nodejs-emojione
mikedep333: gtkspell
mjg: jbig2dec
mkasik: gtkspell
mmilata: rarian
moceap: gtkspell, rarian
moezroy: rarian
mpeters: gtkspell
mso: gtkspell
mtasaka: rarian, Pyrex
mterry: rarian
mtwebster: rarian
nkumar: rarian
nonamedotc: rarian
nosnilmot: gtkspell
nphilipp: rarian
nushio: gtkspell
ohaessler: gtkspell
pawsa: rarian
pbrobinson: rarian, Pyrex
perl-sig: gtkspell
pfrields: rarian
phuang: rarian
pingou: gtkspell
pmkovar: gtkspell
ppisar: gtkspell
praiskup: rarian
pranvk: gtkspell
pravins: rarian
psabata: jbig2dec
pwu: rarian
rakesh: rarian
raphgro: lyra
raveit65: rarian
rdieter: Pyrex
rhughes: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
rishi: gtkspell
rjones: gtkspell
robert: rarian
rspanton: msp430-gcc
rstrode: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
rtcm: rarian
rvokal: rarian
ryanlerch: gtkspell
sagitter: gtkspell
sailer: gtkspell
salimma: rarian
sayamind: Pyrex
slaanesh: gtkspell
smani: rarian
snirkel: gtkspell
spot: gtkspell, Pyrex
ssp: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
sten: rarian
sundaram: gtkspell
supercyper: rarian
swhiteho: msp430-gcc
terjeros: rarian
thm: gtkspell
thomasj: Pyrex
till: rarian
tpokorra: gtkspell
trb143: jbig2dec
tsmetana: rarian
tuxbrewr: Pyrex
vicodan: rarian
walters: gtkspell
xiphmont: rarian, python-numeric, gtkspell, Pyrex
yaderv: Pyrex
zhu: rarian
zultron: Pyrex

Orphans (12): Pyrex gtkspell iwhd jbig2dec lyra msp430-gcc
nodejs-emojione python-numeric rarian rubygem-configuration
rubygem-ruby-ole scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts

Orphans (dependend on) (4): Pyrex gtkspell jbig2dec rarian

Orphans (rawhide) for at least 6 weeks (dependend on) (0):

Orphans (rawhide)(not depended on) (8): iwhd lyra msp430-gcc
nodejs-emojione python-numeric rubygem-configuration
rubygem-ruby-ole scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts

Orphans (rawhide) for at least 6 weeks (not dependend on) (1):

Depending packages (rawhide) (102): FUR OpenLP alleyoop bacula-docs
balsa bitfrost bless deja-dup dia djvulibre dracut-modules-olpc
echo-artist ekiga emelfm2 etherape fantasdic fedora-business-cards
florence gconf-editor geany-plugins genius glade2 glade3 gmpc
gnome-colors-icon-theme gnome-commander gnome-desktop
gnome-doc-utils gnome-documents gnome-hearts gnome-phone-manager
gnome-python2-extras gnome-search-tool gnome-translate gnomebaker
gnotime gobby gobby05 gparted grhino gtk-v4l gummi gxmms2 gyachi
ibus-xkbc ignuit impressive inkscape inkscape-psd inkscape-sozi
inkscape-table inksmoto kcemirror lekhonee-gnome
libopensync-plugin-synce librapi librra librtfcomp logjam lxmusic
mail-notification mdbtools moserial mupdf nemo ocaml-lablgtk
olpc-contents olpc-netutils olpc-os-builder olpc-update olpc-utils
pan perl-Gtk2-Spell pidgin pioneers planner pluma
purple-plugin_pack pyode qalculate-gtk quarry rednotebook
ruby-icon-artist sflphone smuxi stardict subscription-manager
sylpheed synaptic synce-gnomevfs synce-software-manager
synce-trayicon system-config-bind system-config-kdump
system-config-users-docs tomboy tuxanci ucview vfrnav xiphos xmms2

Packages depending on packages orphaned (rawhide) for more than 6
weeks (0):