Orphaning pl (SWI Prolog)

I have no interest in maintaining pl (SWI Prolog) package and thus I'm
going to orphan it.

The package is a Prolog langugage interpreter with bundled various
libraries and tools written in that language. E.g. an HTTP server or an
interface to Java virtual machine.

Upstream does a new major release roughly every year and a few bug-fix
releases during the year.

From packaging point of view there are few downs like:

Reviewing each rebase for licenses is tiresome due the size (118 MB).
Upstream does not like how it is packaged because Fedora bends it to FHS.
Fedora does not like how it is packaged because it's not bended enough.
There are occasional FTBFS when JVM reorganizes its files.
The package should be renamed to swipl to match the upstream.
The source archive is stripped down from non-free files.

The pl package has two comaintainers, mef and bagnara, who did not touch the
pacakge for last 10 years.

The package is required when building and running these source packages:

perl-Language-Prolog-Yaswi ppisar,jplesnik Can be removed.
ppl bagnara,pcpa A subpackage can be disabled.
python-pyswip thofmann A subpackage can be disabled.

The package builds fine now and a new 8.1 release is waiting for

If you want to take over a maintainership of this package, let me know
and I will assign it to you. Otherwise I will orphan it next week.

-- Petr


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By Petr Pisar at 02/08/2019 - 08:43

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