Orphaning qt5-qtwebengine


I have to bring some bad news to you: I unfortunately have to orphan the
qt5-qtwebengine package.

As you can see from the changelog, I have not been able to dedicate any time
to this package since March. (My last change was on 2018-03-18.) Yet, this
package needs a lot of care, because of the complex packaging and the
frequent security updates by upstream. (QtWebEngine had lately taken more of
my time than all my other packages combined!) Therefore, the only logical
consequence is that I have to resign from being the primary point of
contact. I am going to retain comaintainership for a while, but may or may
not give that up at a later point.

Please believe me, I really tried very hard to hold on this package for as
long as I could, because I think this is a very important package and
because I use it all the time through Falkon. But we have reached a point
where I just cannot honestly claim responsibility for it anymore. So I am
really sorry, but the package just has to change hands at this point.

I have been wanting to make this step for a while now, seeing the situation,
but the tipping point was that a build of QtWebEngine 5.11 is now being
pushed to the stable F28 updates (as part of the Qt 5.11 update group) that
is not up to my quality standards in at least 3 ways:
1. The Provides: bundled(*) = … version numbers are not up to date, a
violation of the packaging guidelines.
2. Support for older instruction sets (ARM without NEON, x86 without SSE2)
is incomplete (NEON) or entirely missing (SSE2), because the patches that
made that work have not been rebased. (The SSE2 one is HUGE.)
3. Unbundling has also regressed: The system-nspr-prtime and system-icu-utf
patches have not been rebased, and the -freeworld package hosted
elsewhere no longer uses the system FFmpeg.
Please note that I am not blaming anyone other than myself for not having
been able to maintain these quality standards! Yet, this shows to me that I
cannot take the responsibility for this package anymore.

This package will have to be taken up either by the KDE SIG or by a
maintainer willing to cooperate closely with the KDE SIG. (See also
<a href="" title=""></a> .)

This also affects the -freeworld package hosted elsewhere, I am going to
write a separate mail about that to the appropriate mailing list.

Kevin Kofler


Re: Orphaning qt5-qtwebengine

By Kevin Kofler at 09/12/2018 - 19:56

qt5-qtwebengine is now officially orphaned at and up
for taking.

Kevin Kofler

Re: Orphaning qt5-qtwebengine

By Rex Dieter at 09/11/2018 - 14:51

I thank you for all your efforts related this, very much appreciated.

-- Rex

Re: Orphaning qt5-qtwebengine

By Michael Catanzaro at 09/11/2018 - 12:31


Thanks for taking care of this package for so long. It's an
exceptionally-challenging package that most maintainers would not be
willing to touch, and your work was very much appreciated.


Re: Orphaning qt5-qtwebengine

By Adam Williamson at 09/11/2018 - 15:06

On Tue, 2018-09-11 at 11:31 -0500, <a href="mailto: ... at gnome dot org"> ... at gnome dot org</a> wrote: