Package review - test builds for OpenVPN 3 Client


This week I've started poking at packaging pre-release builds of the new
OpenVPN 3 based client for Linux (sorry, no server support yet). I've started
a Copr build/repo for it and I'd appreciate some help reviewing the packaging
and otherwise hints (or pathces) how to improve things.

You'll find everything here:

Now, beware that this client is still under heavy development and is not ready
for a full release yet. Once lacking features and the most critical or
annoying bugs are sorted out, we'll tag the first beta release.

Since it is under heavy development ... it is not ready for production yet.
But I have enabled it on a server, to test the long-term stability of it.

And a final warning ... This client is _very_ _different_ from the far more
common openvpn-2.x series. It is different in almost every aspect. The only
thing they have in common is that the OpenVPN wire protocol is essentially the
same and compatible (it can connect to OpenVPN 2.x servers) and the
configuration files will in most cases work just fine (as long as unsupported
options in OpenVPN 3 is not used).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out!