Packages BuildRequiring python2-sphinx AND python3-devel


There are 2 Python related changes in Fedora 31 that unfortunately interact with
each other.

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The following packages (owners bcc'ed) BuildRequire both python2-sphinx AND
python3-devel. Hence the package won't be able to be rebuilt for the Python 3.8
update. I'd appreciate if you could drop the dependency on python2-sphinx to
make the Python 3.8 transition possible.

For packages that are needed by other packages, I might eventually do it myself.

(Note that this information is from repoquery, if you already fixed this in git
only, sorry for the noise.)

Thank You!

Maintainers by package:
mellowplayer martinkg
python-Bottleneck besser82
python-case mrunge
python-dulwich fab
python-feedparser hguemar lmacken louizatakk mcepl
python-gunicorn dcallagh
python-hardware flepied
python-htmlmin jujens
python-jenkins-job-builder ignatenkobrain ktdreyer pabelanger
python-jsonpath-rw-ext apevec hguemar pkilambi
python-kazoo apevec nsaje
python-ngram besser82
python-oauth2client mbaldessari ralph
python-plaster bowlofeggs
python-pycares fantom
python-pypump ralph
python-requests-cache codeblock hobbes1069
python-rosdep cottsay rmattes thofmann
python-rosinstall rmattes
python-slixmpp fantom louizatakk
python-vcstools cottsay rmattes
python-wrapt chandankumar ralph
python-wsgi_intercept apevec chandankumar
python-wstool ankursinha cottsay rmattes
python-yaql mflobo
waf salimma thm
xapian-bindings denisarnaud drago01 pbrobinson sdz

Packages by maintainer:
ankursinha python-wstool
apevec python-jsonpath-rw-ext python-kazoo python-wsgi_intercept
besser82 python-Bottleneck python-ngram
bowlofeggs python-plaster
chandankumar python-wrapt python-wsgi_intercept
codeblock python-requests-cache
cottsay python-rosdep python-vcstools python-wstool
dcallagh python-gunicorn
denisarnaud xapian-bindings
drago01 xapian-bindings
fab python-dulwich
fantom python-pycares python-slixmpp
flepied python-hardware
hguemar python-feedparser python-jsonpath-rw-ext
hobbes1069 python-requests-cache
ignatenkobrain python-jenkins-job-builder
jujens python-htmlmin
ktdreyer python-jenkins-job-builder
lmacken python-feedparser
louizatakk python-feedparser python-slixmpp
martinkg mellowplayer
mbaldessari python-oauth2client
mcepl python-feedparser
mflobo python-yaql
mrunge python-case
nsaje python-kazoo
pabelanger python-jenkins-job-builder
pbrobinson xapian-bindings
pkilambi python-jsonpath-rw-ext
ralph python-oauth2client python-pypump python-wrapt
rmattes python-rosdep python-rosinstall python-vcstools python-wstool
salimma waf
sdz xapian-bindings
thm waf
thofmann python-rosdep


Re: Packages BuildRequiring python2-sphinx AND python3-devel

By Peter Robinson at 04/29/2019 - 17:05

I have an issue with xapian-bindings which appears to be broken when
building python3 with sphinx2, are they an incompatible update? With
Fedora 30 release activities I've not had time to investigate and I
wasn't aware of the major bump of sphnix2 would impact me. It's going
to be a few weeks or more due to other commitments before I might get
a chance to look at this again.

Re: Packages BuildRequiring python2-sphinx AND python3-devel

By =?UTF-8?B?TWlyb... at 04/29/2019 - 17:06

On 29. 04. 19 23:05, Peter Robinson wrote:
Yes, they've removed a lot of deprecated things.

I'll put xapian-bindings to my TODO.

Re: Packages BuildRequiring python2-sphinx AND python3-devel

By =?UTF-8?B?TWlyb... at 04/29/2019 - 17:51

On 29. 04. 19 23:06, Miro HronĨok wrote:
Here's a very dirty PR that makes it work:

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