Packages which use the BuildRoot: directive

The Packaging Guidelines indicate that BuildRoot: should not be used in
Fedora specfiles.

The BuildRoot: tag has not been required since RHEL6 and was also not
required in EPEL5 (due to some magic in epel-rpm-macros). It has not
been needed in any Fedora release since at least Fedora 12.

It has already been removed from most packages due to previous efforts
but it lingers in a few (91, to be exact). Additionally, a few packages
(24) employ an odd construct like the following:

%{?el5:BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)}

which was always unnecessary and now is completely pointless because we
can't build for el5 in any case. And one does this odd bit:

%{?!buildroot:BuildRoot: %_tmppath/buildroot-%name-%version-%release}

Which is also pointless in Fedora (and is using an unsafe value which
was never allowed in Fedora or EPEL). I found all of these with a
simple grep for '^(%{?.*)?BuildRoot:' but I did add a find-buildroot
script to <a href="" title=""></a>

The usual lists are below. Feel free to fix your packages if you like;
there should be no need to rebuild. I will wait a few days and then fix
up the instances which remain.

Maintainers by package:
NLopt besser82
binutils aoliva jakub jankratochvil law nickc
carbon-c-relay piotrp
clamsmtp gnat
cmconvert pcfe
cmockery2 lpabon
cocot ueno
cracklib nalin tmraz
crash crash
cross-binutils dhowells lkundrak sharkcz
ctags than
cyrus-sasl jjelen plautrba
dbh fabiand limb
dev86 jnovy lkundrak
dfish jkaluza
dmlite adev andreamanzi gbitzes okeeble rocha
dmlite-plugins-s3 adev andreamanzi okeeble rocha
dpm-dsi andreamanzi ellert okeeble rocha simonm
dreamweb besser82
dspam gnat
dtach lon
edg-mkgridmap andreamanzi gbitzes
eject orphan
exim dwmw2 jskarvad tremble
exim-doc dwmw2 tremble
fgrun bellet
fido besser82 cdamian rfenkhuber
fprobe-ulog stingray
freecolor dfateyev
freetiger besser82
fuseiso orphan
gdb jankratochvil sergiodj
gdesklets-goodweather orphan
genchemlab limb
glibc64 codonell jakub
gmic berrange cheese
gofer jortel
gt5 szpak
inetvis orphan
inn ovasik rathann s4504kr
iperf somlo strobert
ipmiutil arcress
irssi-xmpp lbazan maha
isomaster limb szpak
jcommon-serializer caolanm
jfsutils fcami itamarjp
jnettop wolfy
lcgdm-dav adev andreamanzi gbitzes okeeble rocha
libasr dfateyev
libjoedog besser82 cdamian rfenkhuber
liblayout caolanm
liblinear besser82
libmatchbox cwickert dwalsh
libwhirlpool dfateyev
litmus aalvarez jorton rocha
lpairs szpak
matchbox-window-manager cwickert dwalsh
mhash limb spot
mingw-qwt rjones sailer
mrxvt mtasaka
msr-tools gbailey
mtools dkaspar
nagios-plugins-fts andreamanzi simonm
nagios-plugins-lcgdm adev andreamanzi gbitzes rocha
nxtrc dwrobel
orage kevin nonamedotc
pan adalloz pmkovar
pards orphan
parted bcl
passwd fkluknav jkucera mitr tmraz
patch twaugh
pentaho-reporting-flow-engine caolanm
perl-Array-Unique dfateyev
perl-Encode-Detect ralston
perl-File-Tempdir dfateyev
perl-Sys-Virt berrange jplesnik steve
perl-Tie-Cache dfateyev
perl-Time-ParseDate dfateyev ppisar xavierb
perl-enum dfateyev
publican-fedora immanetize rlandmann zoglesby
publican-genome orphan
publican-jboss rlandmann
pymssql swilkerson
python-sphinx-theme-flask besser82
python-sphinxcontrib-cheeseshop besser82
python3-dns aviso
radial mkasik
rear gdha
rubygem-narray besser82
rubygem-rspec-longrun besser82
salt dmurphy18 herlo terminalmage
sendmail jskarvad olysonek
shadow-utils pvrabec tmraz
shogun-data besser82 lupinix
singularity bbockelm dwd loveshack
spamprobe strobert
squid hno jsteffan luhliarik pavlix thozza
srcpd dfateyev
strace ldv vda
subscription-manager awood bkearney csnyder
sudo jvymazal kzak mattdm mildew rsroka tosykora
syslinux pjones
system-switch-displaymanager than
tcl-mysqltcl renep
textcat besser82
tgif mtasaka tremble
tkgate tnorth
ucx andreyma
udpcast lzap rjones
vxl ignatenkobrain mrceresa
webattery orphan
words kzak
wsdlpull denisarnaud
xfwm4-themes kevin nonamedotc
xrdhttpvoms andreamanzi okeeble
xscreensaver dchen lkundrak mtasaka

Packages by maintainer:
aalvarez litmus
adalloz pan
adev dmlite dmlite-plugins-s3 lcgdm-dav nagios-plugins-lcgdm
andreamanzi dmlite dmlite-plugins-s3 dpm-dsi edg-mkgridmap lcgdm-dav nagios-plugins-fts nagios-plugins-lcgdm xrdhttpvoms
andreyma ucx
aoliva binutils
arcress ipmiutil
aviso python3-dns
awood subscription-manager
bbockelm singularity
bcl parted
bellet fgrun
berrange gmic perl-Sys-Virt
besser82 NLopt dreamweb fido freetiger libjoedog liblinear python-sphinx-theme-flask python-sphinxcontrib-cheeseshop rubygem-narray rubygem-rspec-longrun shogun-data textcat
bkearney subscription-manager
caolanm jcommon-serializer liblayout pentaho-reporting-flow-engine
cdamian fido libjoedog
cheese gmic
codonell glibc64
crash crash
csnyder subscription-manager
cwickert libmatchbox matchbox-window-manager
dchen xscreensaver
denisarnaud wsdlpull
dfateyev freecolor libasr libwhirlpool perl-Array-Unique perl-File-Tempdir perl-Tie-Cache perl-Time-ParseDate perl-enum srcpd
dhowells cross-binutils
dkaspar mtools
dmurphy18 salt
dwalsh libmatchbox matchbox-window-manager
dwd singularity
dwmw2 exim exim-doc
dwrobel nxtrc
ellert dpm-dsi
fabiand dbh
fcami jfsutils
fkluknav passwd
gbailey msr-tools
gbitzes dmlite edg-mkgridmap lcgdm-dav nagios-plugins-lcgdm
gdha rear
gnat clamsmtp dspam
herlo salt
hno squid
ignatenkobrain vxl
immanetize publican-fedora
itamarjp jfsutils
jakub binutils glibc64
jankratochvil binutils gdb
jjelen cyrus-sasl
jkaluza dfish
jkucera passwd
jnovy dev86
jortel gofer
jorton litmus
jplesnik perl-Sys-Virt
jskarvad exim sendmail
jsteffan squid
jvymazal sudo
kevin orage xfwm4-themes
kzak sudo words
law binutils
lbazan irssi-xmpp
ldv strace
limb dbh genchemlab isomaster mhash
lkundrak cross-binutils dev86 xscreensaver
lon dtach
loveshack singularity
lpabon cmockery2
luhliarik squid
lupinix shogun-data
lzap udpcast
maha irssi-xmpp
mattdm sudo
mildew sudo
mitr passwd
mkasik radial
mrceresa vxl
mtasaka mrxvt tgif xscreensaver
nalin cracklib
nickc binutils
nonamedotc orage xfwm4-themes
okeeble dmlite dmlite-plugins-s3 dpm-dsi lcgdm-dav xrdhttpvoms
olysonek sendmail
orphan eject fuseiso gdesklets-goodweather inetvis pards publican-genome webattery
ovasik inn
pavlix squid
pcfe cmconvert
piotrp carbon-c-relay
pjones syslinux
plautrba cyrus-sasl
pmkovar pan
ppisar perl-Time-ParseDate
pvrabec shadow-utils
ralston perl-Encode-Detect
rathann inn
renep tcl-mysqltcl
rfenkhuber fido libjoedog
rjones mingw-qwt udpcast
rlandmann publican-fedora publican-jboss
rocha dmlite dmlite-plugins-s3 dpm-dsi lcgdm-dav litmus nagios-plugins-lcgdm
rsroka sudo
s4504kr inn
sailer mingw-qwt
sergiodj gdb
sharkcz cross-binutils
simonm dpm-dsi nagios-plugins-fts
somlo iperf
spot mhash
steve perl-Sys-Virt
stingray fprobe-ulog
strobert iperf spamprobe
swilkerson pymssql
szpak gt5 isomaster lpairs
terminalmage salt
than ctags system-switch-displaymanager
thozza squid
tmraz cracklib passwd shadow-utils
tnorth tkgate
tosykora sudo
tremble exim exim-doc tgif
twaugh patch
ueno cocot
vda strace
wolfy jnettop
xavierb perl-Time-ParseDate
zoglesby publican-fedora


Re: Packages which use the BuildRoot: directive

By Zbigniew =?utf-... at 07/10/2018 - 16:15

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 03:03:56PM -0500, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
Thanks! It'll be nice to see BuildRoot finally gone.