Pagure roles at Fedora


Pagure seems to play several roles in the Fedora community, but it's a bit
confusing. Perhaps somebody can respond (or write a Wiki article on the
topic) to clear up some confusion.

For example, I hear/read the term "dist-git" a lot, but most of the
conversation about that seems to focus on Pagure being used to host Fedora
source repos. I don't really understand how these terms relate to each

Another example: all the documentation for the transition away from Pkgdb
seems to reference However, that doesn't appear to be where the
things have moved to. Rather, things have moved to a different instance of
Pagure hosted at How are these two separate
instances of Pagure related to one another, why are they separate, and what
separate roles do they each serve for Fedora packagers and contributors?

Are there any other instances of Pagure that are relevant to Fedora

Are there any other roles that an existing instance of Pagure should be
serving, but currently isn't? For example, I've noticed that has disabled issues on repos. However, I personally
would love to use it as an issue tracker instead of Bugzilla. I understand
that Bugzilla is more integrated with other services, but having issues
enabled would be a nice option in the future, as moving issue trackers
closer to the source is one of the best things that has come out of the
various git hosting services.

So far, I like Pagure. I also like similar git hosting services, such as
GitLab and GitHub, but I don't think we're making the best use of it, if
we're customizing separate deployments of it instead of providing a generic
service and customizing the integrations to it. Perhaps somebody can help
explain, with a summary of the choices which have been made and the reasons
behind those choices, why (for better or worse) this is the direction
Fedora is headed?