Please welcome @alciregi to the packager group


I've just sponsored @alciregi to the packagers group.

They've been around the Fedora community for a while already and have
helped with QA/Marketing/Join/AskFedora and lots of other things. Now,
they are also looking to help the NeuroSIG with packaging and learn the
process along the way. I've added them to the neuro-sig where they will
help co-maintain our package list, and pick up the required

Please welcome them to the packager and neuro-sig groups.

@alciregi: you already know all this, but for completeness: please
e-mail the various lists when you need to :)


Re: Please welcome @alciregi to the packager group

By Alain Vigne at 09/20/2019 - 07:41

Welcome !

And thank you very much, Ankur, for coordinating these actions :)

BR, Alain