Possibly Unresponsive Maintainer: dchen


I've been working through the backlog of Java packages / updates that
are pending for the Stewardship SIG packages, and found that dchen
seems to have stopped contributing to fedora in August 2018.

- no responses bugzilla issues assigned to him since then [0],
including CVEs and nagging FTBFS issues and needinfos
- no koji builds since then [1]
- no bodhi activity since then [2]

Looking at BugZilla comments, it seems like he stopped working at Red
Hat around the time his contributions to fedora stopped. The only
activity I could find since August 2018 was one pull request on
src-fp-org [3].

Does anybody know if he is still an an active fedora contributor, or
why he hasn't responded to any bug reports in the last 10 months?

If there's no positive information during the next week, I will open a
FESCo ticket according to the Non-responsive Maintainer policy.


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