Possibly unresponsive maintainer: vakwetu

Hi everybody,

While working on packages of the Stewardship SIG, I again came across
another package that is in dire need of attention, while its main
admin seems to be AWOL (even though the email address associated with
his FAS account is a Red Hat one):

- no bodhi updates in 4 years [0]
- no bodhi comments in 2 years [0]
- no koji builds in 4 years [1]

There's also been no response to security issues on bugzilla,
including CVE-2016-6346, CVE-2016-6347, CVE-2018-1051, CVE-2016-9606,
CVE-2016-6345, CVE-2016-6348 - all of which are filed against the
resteasy package, which is, entirely by coincidence (*sigh*), exactly
the package that we need fixed for some Stewardship SIG packages.

Since it looks like he's not been contributing to fedora in about 2-4
years, I will initiate the non-responsive maintainer process with
FESCo if I don't get any negative feedback within a week.

Fabio (decathorpe)

[0]: <a href="" title=""></a>
[1]: <a href="" title=""></a>