Procedure to get keytable included in official console and X and wayland keytables.

I use a custom keymapping that I developed to save my hands, and
because it is very efficient. It's strength is that the most used keys
are under the strongest fingers, and that for my typing about 80% of
what I type is on the home row.

The problem is that whenever I have issues with my system, it reverts
to qwerty, and I have to hunt and peck to do things. If it was
official, this wouldn't be a problem, because I could just select it,
the same as one can select dvorak or colemak. Unlike those, I really
rearranged the keys for efficiency, and there are only 2 or 3 keys the
same as qwerty. I used to use qwerty as a touch typist, and I suppose
I could learn to switch back and forth, but qwerty is just so clumsy,
and my hands don't like it.

Does anyone know how I would go about getting my keytable, which I
call uneaf after the left home row, included? Is there an official
procedure, or is it just a submission with a request to a programmer