PSA: please stop manually titling Bodhi updates

Hey folks!

Since the new Bodhi UI rolled out recently I've noticed a big uptick in
updates where the update creator manually set the update title.

This is a problem because in every single case so far, the manually-
created title is worse than an auto-generated title would have been.

If you just leave that box blank, Bodhi will set the update title to be
the NVR(s) of the package(s) in the update, just like it always has.
But the new UI seems to really encourage people to override this and
write a title manually...and people are picking titles that are worse.
e.g. <a href="" title=""></a>
where the auto-generated title would have been "container-selinux-2.123.0-1.fc31" but the update author manually set it to "container-selinux", which is clearly much less useful.

I've filed a Bodhi issue asking for the UI to be tweaked again to make
manual titling less attractive:
<a href="" title=""></a>

but until then, can I just ask folks to resist the temptation, unless
you really really have a good reason to override the auto-generated
title? You don't *have* to set this field, even though the UI kinda
looks like you do. Thanks!