PySide2: 64bit builds fail but 32bit builds succeed (Clang issue?)

I'm working on getting PySide2 into Fedora which gives you python bindings
for Qt5.

It uses some code specific to Clang so I can't use gcc. I've got everything
building but for some reason the 64bit builds fail for two binaries which
rpmbuild can't link back to build-ids.

BUILDSTDERR: error: Missing build-id in
BUILDSTDERR: error: Missing build-id in

As far as I can tell -g is being passed to clang for these binaries...

But the 32bit builds complete. I'm pretty much at a loss at this point and
it's difficult to troubleshoot because I can't build locally. Mock even
with --enablerepo=local is (was?) missing gcc-9.0.1. (no more mirrors to

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