python-kitchen long-standing build failures

Hey Ralph and Fedora Infra,

Could you please fix python-kitchen long standing build failures or
alternatively stop using it in infra tools and retire it?

The package is a Fedora specific downstream==upstream almost dead project with
utility methods for anything. Most of them are either one-liners or magical
attempts to remove the unicode/bytes separation from Python 3 and go back to
Python 2 where everything "just works".

The failures blocked the Python 3.7 upgrade in Fedora and now they block the 3.8
upgrade, it will block the 3.9 upgrade, etc.

I consider the kitchen unicode/str methods dangerous, so I'd prefer if we just
stop using it, however if you just fix the failing tests, it would work.

You can probably also decide to skip the tests temporarily forever and be done
with this, but the current situation is really frustrating for us.

See <a href="" title=""></a> for reference how to drop

The FTBFS bug: <a href="" title=""></a>

Thank you,

PS I don't want to run nonresponsive maintainer policy for infra-sig :(