RANT: Packaging is changing too fast and is not well documented

So I went to request a new branch of an existing package only to find out
fedrepo-req-branch, which hasn't been around that long is already
depreceated and the facility brought into fedpkg... so:

$ fedpkg request-branch <branch>
Could not execute request_branch: The "token" value must be set under the
"fedpkg.pagure" section in your "fedpkg" user configuration

Ok, so where does that get stored?

$ man fedpkg
(not in there...)
$ vi /usr/share/doc/fedpkg/README
(not in there...)

I figured out somewhere else that the default config is in
/etc/rpkg/fedpkg.conf (In /etc/rpkg? That's intuitive!) but I didn't want
to add my token to the site wide config so the search continues...

$ rpm -ql fedpkg
(pokes around)
$ vi /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/fedpkg/
def main():
default_user_config_path = os.path.join(
os.path.expanduser('~'), '.config', 'rpkg', '%s.conf' % cli_name)

Found it!

Now which token do I need? The one from the pagure or

Oh and the tokens expire all the time and don't seem to have any helper
scripts to automate updating of the tokens so I have to remember where they
all are and manually edit them every time...


Not coming from a programming background I found the learning curve pretty
steep when I first tried to become a packager, I'm not sure I wouldn't have
given up if I had to do it now.